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How to Make Your Own Branding for Your Bike Blender, Generator Wheel, Spin Art, or Ice Cream Bike

Rock the Bike has a graphic designer who is more than happy to design artwork for you. However, making your own artwork gives you complete creative control during the process. Below we show you how to submit your custom branding artwork for print production.

All artwork must be received print ready – 300dpi in PDF or TIFF file format – at least 3 weeks from your shipping deadline (as listed on your invoice).

Fender Blender Pro

Download the wheel branding template with instructions layer.

Design Tips:

  • It’s best to avoid putting desired logos or art near the bleed-line. They may get clipped in printing.
  • Spirals, swirls, polka dots, and other cyclical shapes look cool when the blender is spinning a smoothie.
  • Avoid putting text in the middle–the center hole will clip your logo or phrase.

Print Ready Artwork:

See this below example (not to scale) to see print-approved art. Note there are no holes (valve or center) showing and all lines have been removed in the received artwork.

FB-Pro-custom-wheelcover-example      7595000268_f093da545e_n


Here are a few examples of artwork that is not print-ready (contain holes, bleed line, etc.):

badbranding-ex1 badbranding-ex2 badbranding-ex3

Electric Fender Blender Pro or Generator Pro

Download the generator wheel branding template here.

Generator wheels have a cut out in the middle of the wheel, where the flywheel is, on only one side of the bike (see below, A).

The other side can use the standard Fender Blender Pro template (see below, B).

These examples are not to scale:





Scroll over the below image to see sides A and B installed:


Spin Art

We do not have a template, but your canvas size in Photoshop should be:
Width: 49.75 inches
Height: 4.25 inches

Below is an example of what your end result should look like (not to scale):


Ice Cream Bike

Download the wheel branding template with instructions layer.

One side has the pulley on it, so there is an 8″ diameter circle that wouldn’t be seen around the center of one side. It’s best to focus more of your artwork toward the outside of the wheel rather than the center (see below, not to scale).

amplehillsgraphics ample-hills-custom-blue1