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Rock The Bike

Rental Testimonials

This was the most seamless experience I could have ever anticipated. The shipment, the directions — I couldn’t have wished for a more detailed and user-friendly process. It was a huge hit and we had a lot of starstruck employees remember seeing this on Shark Tank! We couldn’t be more pleased with our Rock the Bike experience and looking forward to more!” – Melissa L.

“The bikes were a big hit at our event – attendees were riding the bikes thru out the event charging their phones. We had families attend so all age groups were covered. The custom graphics fit in with our decor… and reinforced our branding. Thanks for making our event great!” -Debbie P.

“It was great!!  The employees loved the experience…. we made smoothies and shared with everyone. It was a fun addition to our Health Fair this year!!!” – Mary G.

“Agile Rascal Theatre has now performed two dates with an Off The Wall generator featured prominently in the set design / music. It’s magic, and we love it.” – Jaren F.

“We love our Fender Blender!  It makes the best hemp protein smoothies.” – Ryan H.

“What great customer service … I have really enjoyed working with ya’all! Any problems I have had, Rock the Bike has been so helpful and really has stood  behind the product, making sure it functions properly.  Thanks for the updated seat lever!” -Kristen K.

“The new unit works great!  Setup is easy, the circuitry is reliable and the kids are having a great time figuring out that energy doesn’t just come out of thin air! Thanks for a great product!  We’re looking forward to rocking the bike all over the country this year.” – Ryan T.