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Rock The Bike

“We sold more fruit smoothies at our fundraiser than ever before, because so many kids wanted to ride the bike!”
– Barbara Sarbin, 
Something Good in the World, Inc.

Short of building your own bike blender from scavenged parts, this is the most affordable way to bring the magic of human power to your school, organization, event, camp or home. Almost any bike will work. Pop it on a stationary stand and start blending!

We’ve taken everything we’ve learned in developing our high-end, professional machines and applied it to this little wizard, our humblest yet most universal blender.

What that means is simple: high performance and guaranteed smiles at an entry level price.

The advantage of the Fender Blender Universale (FBU) is its simplicity. After a secure installation of the included universal rear rack, you can take this bike blender on and off your bike in under a minute without tools. This means you won’t have to take a bike out of commission just because you want to use it for bike blending.

You can use your favorite bike for everyday transport and then blend on demand, too.

Dust off that old bike and bring it back into service by bike-powering treats for your guests, students, and fans. Click here to view the ideal bike for bike blending.

The Fender Blender Universale comes with a rear rack, blender base and one pitcher—either the standard Oster-compatible pitcher, or a High Performance pitcher with upgrade.

If you’re like most of our customers and would like to blend in place, you will also need a stand to elevate the rear wheel. We now offer the Fender Blender Universale Stationary Kit as a complete package that includes the stand—you just supply the bike and the pedaling (o.k., and the bananas).

Choose one of our commercial grade High Performance pitcher options: 2x the volume and 2x bigger blades, giving better circulation of ingredients for faster, more consistent and gratifying blending.

Included in the box are fully illustrated instructions to get you setup and blending in less than an hour. Call our helpful customer service line if you get stuck or need encouragement.

Awesome New Feature!
Every Fender Blender Universale has our new custom Pedal Power Bearing (PPB), with a groove for side chain activities like Pedal Powered Spin Art. You can start making a splash at events with Bike Blending, then later expand your offering with Spin Art. 

  • Works with your bike. Check out our visual checklist that shows whether your bike is compatible.
  • Because you pick the bike, you get to pick the size, color, and style of your bike blender. Some of our customers have taken this really far [see Purple Pedal Power!].
  • You can still ride your bike – just take off the blending mechanism.
  • Comes with a strong and useful rear rack.
  • You’ll need a stand if you don’t want to ride around the block every time you make a smoothie. The one we sell is 20% off when you buy it with your FBU.
  • Great for teachers, nonprofits, causes, sports events, festivals.
  • Tools are not included but are very easy to find: 4 and 5mm Allen keys, adjustable wrench or 8mm box wrench.
  • It’s an all-out sprint! You will be pedaling hard.

Standard features:

  • FBU uses no electronics – just the inherent gearing advantages of a bicycle – to spin your Fender Blender at more than 12,000 RPM.
  • Proven over many years of production and use, system is designed to maximize efficient energy transfer between rider and blender.
  • All custom plastic components are not only dishwasher safe and virtually unbreakable, but are also made of 100% recycled or reused plastic (from recycled milk jugs).
  • Most parts are designed to last a lifetime: Square drive shaft is heat hardened and plated for maximum life; all-stainless-steel hardware will never rust. Should your main bearing wear out (after thousands of smoothies, mind you), your local bike shop can easily replace it. We offer an extensive inventory of replacement parts for our blenders.
  • Curved grooves in bottom platter allow blender mechanism to swivel into or out of contact the tire. Adjusts for tire widths from 1.25″ to more than 2.5″ with a flat screwdriver or any small coin.
  • Easily disassembles with standard bike tools for cleaning after a day of blending.

Compatibilities and Upgrades:

  • Compatible with Pedal Powered Spin Art—in fact, you can do both at the same time!
  • Optional Stationary Stand can be upgraded with the Roll Up later to power our Electrical Activities.
  • Also available with High Performance Upgrade – a larger than standard pitcher that will double your output.

Good to know:

  • Get a second pitcher for more output and flavor variety.
  • Check out our crowd-tested smoothie recipes, both dairy and non-dairy.

We also offer a 20″ Fender Blender Universale with a smaller rear rack and a Stationary Stand to reach 20″ wheels for kids approximately 4-8 years old.


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