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Rock The Bike

Pedal Powered Recharge Bar


Conferences are all about sharing knowledge and connecting with other people, and these activities increasingly rely on handheld mobile devices that require power. The Pedal Powered Recharge Bar is a digital watering hole where creative minds come together to network and collaborate, all while getting some exercise and making sure their essential tools remain up to the task. 

The Recharge Bar is made up of 4+ Recharge Stations, and it is an inherently social activity. Since a Station powers up to 2 cell phones and a Bar can power up to 8, each pedaler is in a position of honor amongst colleagues. Not only are they providing a much-needed service by keeping cell phones and tablets buzzing, but they are also creating the perfect opportunity for spontaneous networking. The Recharge Bar lends itself to the kind of serendipitous human connection that is often sacrificed when we are focused on our own screens. While pedaling power back into these devices, conversations strike up between riders and before they know it, the machines that normally separate them from one another have brought them back together!

The main benefit of linking several bikes into a Recharge Bar is that you can use the excess power to get music rocking across a large space. This excess power exists thanks to the fact that cell phones require only 5 Watts apiece to charge; an average adult can sustain 40-50 Watts. So even if each person were to charge 2 phones each, there would still be 200 Watts left over, or enough for a really bumping DJ Rig. We think that is downright groovy.



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Recharge Stations work best in break areas or in beautiful park settings that lead to the conference. Establishing an attractive sanctuary for your guests will ensure that they keep coming back throughout the conference.

You can choose between renting a Recharge Station or a Recharge Bar. Each Recharge Station is 1 bike with its own USB ports capable of charging 2 phones. A Recharge Bar is a group of 4+ bikes (but the sound is best with 6!) and we can scale up to 8-10 bikes and riders.

You could rent a Recharge Station or Bar and staff it yourself, but having us staff the event means we’ll be there to help riders on and off bikes, serve them water, track how much energy has been generated,  and make sure the music is pumping!



Rental cost  is $600 / day per unit without Rock the Bike crew.  Each unit comes with 1 Generator Pro, 1 Recharge Desk, and multi-use USB-based charging cords (compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 4, and Android) and all necessary electrical cabling.

Location & Shipping

Client is responsible for pickup and drop off, which can occur the day before and the day after your event. Pick up in our Oakland shop only. 

Like the Fender Blender Pro, the Recharge Bar can be shipped and rented in other cities. For out of town rentals, we package and ship the unit to you, so it arrives two days before your event, then you ship them back the day after your event.  The out-of-town rental rate is $600 per event day + cost of shipping both ways (usually $150-$250 per unit in the continental US) and a packaging fee of $100. Return shipping labels are included.


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